Bored. Boring. Nothing to do. Bored. Laying around. Netflix and chill. I don't even work when I am at home all day hahaha. Look at how useless I am... and that's okay! Don't hurt me with the truth. Accept me.

Seeing a lot of this shit on Instagram lately. The only reason why I am on there is because I have an audience and because it's a good case-study for what's going on in the psyche of most people.

Saw another post which said, "I miss the days when we used to get excited over small things like getting a new compass box. Sad!"

It's sad. But it's true. And it is more true now than it has ever been. I'll tell you why.

It is now easier than ever to get distracted. In fact, it gets easier and easier every year. Think about 5 years ago. Smartphones still existed, so did social media, but it was not in the vicious form that it has taken today. It was an insignificant part of our life. Now, social media has become a major part of everyone's lives.

I have written a few blogs on how social media affects you. So I won't say more about it here.

Your receptors are fried up

This is the reason you don't enjoy the small things anymore.

Scrolling social media, having an instant messenger app, having instant access to information has fucked us up.

We didn't evolve to be this way. Our brains are used to working hard to get dopamine. But modern technology reduced the barrier to dopamine by a huge margin.

Why work hard and be a successful man to get a good, hot woman when you can just jerk off to porn? Easy.

Why maintain yourself and be a good woman, when you can get free male attention on social media? Easy.

This is why a majority of our generation is fucked up. Men have no incentives to build themselves, women have none to preserve themselves. Top this up with endless programming via the media and you get a society like ours. Utter degeneracy.

We are getting so much dopamine, serotonin and all other feel-good hormones for free online that there is no incentive left to do anything else.

Why will you take up a 8-week long online course about microeconomics when you can get a better sense of accomplishment by playing a video game?

The more we ingest something to feel good, the more we need it. This is why you don't stop after trying one cigarette, you need more, until you become an addict. You don't stop after one drink, you eventually develop a tolerance for alcohol, so you need to drink more and more to feel "drunk".

It's the same principle everywhere. Our brains build tolerance to what is available in abundance, so we need more and more of it to feel good.

This is how addiction works.

Both my mother and I were trying to make time go faster. She was checking Twitter and I took photos of her, checking Twitter. What a time to be alive.
Photo by Marten Bjork / Unsplash

You are not addicted to social media, you are addicted to the feel-good hormones it gives you. I'm not blaming you, it's natural to fall into it. It's rigged against you.

I am just making you realize that you are addicted, so you can pull yourself back from it. Because realizing your addiction and still not doing anything about it is foolishness.

This is why you don't enjoy anything anymore. You are too addicted to the instant-ness of the modern world. Getting a new compass box felt good to you as a kid because that's one unexpected good thing that happened to you.

Now, every time you scroll Instagram, you have minor hits of "feeling good", your receptors are so used to it that it has robbed you of the normal pleasures of life.

It's actually normal to be addicted to these things. They are so well crafted to keep you hooked. Companies spend millions of dollars to find how simple sounds can keep you engaged, or which shade of red gets the most eyeballs to stick.

It has led us down a rotten path of becoming a hollow generation. We don't enjoy anything anymore because cheap happiness is so easily accessible.

What do you do?

You now understand that your receptors are fried up because of the instant availability of feel-good content.

Good. That's the first step. Realize.

Next thing should be obvious. Delete all social media from your phone. I don't see why anyone would need it unless you are building a business page. Life has so much more to offer beyond a bunch of stupid memes and your bimbo friends' insta stories.

Uninstall and explore. Simply sipping coffee and doing nothing will become a pleasurable experience.
You won't crave social media any more because you would realize the vastness of the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

Send this to someone who needs to get off social media now.

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