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A couple of days ago, I was out for evening snacks with a group of friends. One of them had an urge to drink hot chocolate. Me being me, I told them that drinking cow’s milk is bad for humans. Them being them, they did not agree. Can’t blame them.

The  propaganda about the necessity of milk is so strong that it is a shock  to hear that milk is not necessary for good health, and it may even be  detrimental to sound health. Everyone’s parents told them that drinking  milk is good. 2 cups a day, you’ll stay in good health.

Recently, I read a book, Milk: A Silent Killer by Dr. N.K. Sharma and it was quite a shocker. Even I believed that milk is good. Obviously, right?

Dr. N.K. Sharma cites lots of research in the book and drives a very logical point home. Humans don’t have any enzymes to digest milk from a foreign source after weaning away from mother’s milk.

An obvious argument

Just  like you would not take the blood of another blood group, let alone  another animal, inside yourself. It is mindless to consume cow milk.  Every other mammal on earth only consumes milk of their own species. You  don’t see lions hunting deer for their milk. It is not the law of  nature to consume another mammal’s milk. So why do humans need cow’s  milk?

All milk is not created equal

Above  all, over thousands of years, each mammal has developed milk to suit  it’s own children, not humans. There are different nutrients in different quantities in different mammal’s milk, that are suited for the growth and development of that particular animal.

For example, cows milk is designed for a calf that weighs ~40 kg at birth and grows up to ~900 kg in 2 years. Thus, cow milk has more steroids in  it for accelerated growth.
On the other hand, human babies weigh 3–4  kg at birth and only grow up to 50–70 kg in 18 years. We don’t need that  extra growth hormone, it is just not natural.

But, milk makes my bones strong…

The author smartly debates the Calcium propaganda. We’ve all heard it, milk  gives you calcium, right? Nope. Milk has calcium in it, it does not  give you calcium.

Glass of milk
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A bottle with water in it cannot quench your thirst if it cannot be opened.
The  calcium in cows milk is basically useless because it has insufficient  magnesium content. The absorption of calcium takes place in humans with a  2:1 ratio with phosphorous, no animal milk has this ratio. Hence, the  calcium is of no use.

Pasteurized milk is dead food.

Pasteurization is heating milk to kill off all potentially harmful bacteria.

The  disease producing qualities of milk multiply when pasteurized. Enzymes  are what keep a cell alive. If you heat a food item above 130°F, the  enzymes in it die. Pasteurize milk at 170°F, and you end up with a soup  of dead enzymes.

The  reason raw milk is pasteurized is to kill disease causing bacteria.  But, heat does not differentiate between good bacteria and bad bacteria.  This dead bacterial soup invites other bacteria to rot.

Experiments  by Francis M. Pottenger, an English physician, observed that calves fed  on pasteurized milk died before maturity in 9 out of 10 cases. If  pasteurized milk is not good for the very animal it is meant for, how  could it be any good for humans?

Experiments on rats fed with pasteurized cow milk show that pasteurization is bad for tooth health as well.

Combining milk with other food items is detrimental to health

All of us enjoy a Cheese Sandwich, a Cheese Dosa, Curd Rice or a Pizza. All  these are examples of wrong combination of milk and carbohydrates.

heavenly slice
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Yep, 💔.

The  body can secrete juices to digest one food at a time. This is not just  applicable to milk but also to other foods. But why does this law affect  food combinations with milk so much? Blame the fat content of milk.

On  reaching the stomach, milk coagulates to form curds. These tend to  encapsulate the other food particles and prevent their digestion until  the milk curds are digested.

Milk  also does not combine with other proteins. Milk products with meat,  eggs, nuts are wrong combinations. Dahi Vada, Cheese Omelette, and  Almond Kheer are all harming your digestive system.

These are different proteins that call for secretion of different amounts of digestive juices at different times.

This  is the reason why kids might throw up after a picnic where they ate  cheese burgers and ice-cream. The body can’t digest different protein  groups at the same time.

Skimmed Milk isn’t any good

For  years, we wanted to find the main culprit behind the detrimental  effects of milk, recent studies show that animal fat has hazardous  effects on human beings.

The solution? Skimmed milk — milk with the fat removed.

According  to system theory, a system is disturbed by the addition or subtraction  of a single element. There is always a good reason for the natural  proportion of elements in a food. The fat in milk contains protein  splitting enzymes. By removing the fat, we make the protein absorption  even difficult.

Even  nuts with the fat extracted from them are inferior foods. If you want  to use milk, use whole milk. Tampering with nature’s balance only makes  it worse.

Ice Creams are cold poison

Not a single thing is good about ice cream, the universal dessert. All it does is soothe your palate and harm your health.

Italian gelato at Florence
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Cheap  ice creams are not made from milk in the first place. They use scraps  from slaughterhouses and extract fat to make ice cream.

Dr.  Alex Gibson, a pioneer in the study of protein putrefaction, says “The  freezing process, however, gives to the cream it’s last and final touch  of physiological corruption. Quality fermented substances like milk,  cream and fruit break down structurally at the first touch of frost”.

Milk extraction is bad for cows

We  are stealing milk from the calves. Why cows? Because humans  domesticated them and they are now easy to control. Extracting milk from  the mother cow leaves little or no milk for it’s children, which is  inhuman.

Cows  have been specifically bred to produce more milk. They have an  overactive pituitary gland. In some cases, cows are injected with  Oxytocin and other hormones that stimulate milk production.

20% of the cows in the US have been found to have leukemia viruses, which affect the whole milk supply. These viruses are  resistant to pasteurization and were found in supermarket milk supplies.

From infancy to old age, milk creates nothing but suffering and diseases. Stop consuming dairy!

We all love milk products, so stopping it completely would be a little difficult. In the book, the author recommends no more than 200 ml of milk consumption a day. A cappuccino or a cup of chai is no harm. Rejoice.

This post was inspired by the book, Milk: A Silent Killer by Dr. N.K. Sharma and it was a quite a surprising revelation. I highly  recommend reading it if you found this article interesting. There’s  much more to the book, in the other parts the author explores the  science behind why milk can be cancerous and can cause other deadly  diseases.