How far does the lockdown go?

This is a question not many people are asking about the lockdown situation in India.

Everyone is happily compliant about such authoritarian measures adopted by the government, without realizing that freedom is risky.

Freedom comes at the cost of responsibility and entails risk with it. That does not mean you let the government control your freedoms to "save" you from a virus with less than 1% mortality rate.

Driving a car on the highway is risky. You might die. More than 400 people die every day in India in road accidents. That is more than 1.5 lakh deaths per year. Does this mean everyone should stop driving at sit at home? No.

Do you see how foolish it is to do the same because of coronavirus?

The freedom to drive a car and get to where you want comes with the responsibility that you will drive safely, wear a seatbelt, not cross speed limits, etc. Everyone did not stop driving because driving takes 150,000 lives per year.

Photo by Alexander Popov / Unsplash

The freedom to go out with corona around should come with the responsibility of washing your hands, and maintaining social distance. Why has everyone suddenly accepted this state of a never-ending lockdown? Why have we stopped driving our lives because ~1980 people have died because of the chinese virus?

While each individual death is tragic, 2000 is a small number compared to the grand scheme of things. Definitely not a number you should close the economy down and sabotage small businesses for.

Remember the 2015 Swine Flu Outbreak? More than 2000 people died in India because of the H1N1 virus. I don't remember shutting the economy down and forcing people to stay at home for that!

The fact that such conversations are not even a part of the political and social discourse in this country is sickening! Why is no one even talking about this?

Why are you a weak bitch?

You must ask yourself... why are you such a pussy as to not even ask the right questions to the government?

I was recording a vlog at the start of this lockdown months back, I do it as a personal form of note-taking. In one of my entries, I said "I think there would be protests on the street if people are forced to sit at home for any more than 2 weeks. Nobody will accept this"

Turns out I was incorrect about the loserness of most people. Hardly anyone is saying anything about these lockdowns because they've accepted the government's mandate. A simple google search reveals why locking down is not a good idea, it does not solve the original problem of coronavirus, and causes other problems on top of that! It is naive. It's clear it is not working, and it is time to iterate and change ways.

Hardly anyone is concerned about the ramifications of this, I spoke about them in detail in my last blog- which not many people read and shared, by the way, indicating people's inability to stand with a strong opinion that is backed by data.

Fuck my blog. What does it say about you? You are such a weak bitch that you can't even take a stand. Pathetic. "Men", for fucks sake. Not very long ago, men died for honor and killed for what they stood for. Empires were built and lost over men wanting to stand for their ideology, their country, their people, and their family.

Bajiprabhu Deshpande, who led 300 Maratha soldiers to defeat 10,000 of the Mughals [Pavan Khind Battle]

I am envious of the days when men had honor.

Today's men are all degenerates that jerk off to fake women on porn, watch Netflix, and do nothing. Nothing to stand for, nothing to defend, nothing to protect.

What a pathetic state to be in as a man. You amount to nothing.

Almost everyone has somehow accepted this state of complacency and dependence on the government. Sheer inconsequential losers.

More on the state of today's men in another blogpost.

Lockdown makes you dependent

This lockdown complacency is going to come and bite you in the ass later, believe it or not. You will hate the fact that you did not take a stand for your rights and freedoms, and for the right to feed your family. Because you were so afraid of a virus with <1% mortality rate.

"But I am saving lives by staying home"

Not one bit. You are in-fact halting the development of herd-immunity. You aren't saving anyone. You are not a soldier like the politicians are calling you. You're just sitting at home. Nothing is brave about doing as you're told to do.

How do you not see the social, cultural, political ramifications of this ever-extending lockdown? How long are you willing to live with just the essentials? 1 month? 2 months? 6 months? How far does this go and how much are you willing to take?

Made by Jim Bob

What to do?

The modern way to bring about change does not have to be through killing and savagery. Raise your voice, even if you have 100 followers, you have a platform to reach 100 people with minimal effort. It's crazy.

Tell people the truth. Make them open their eyes and see what the reality of COVID-19 is and how this lockdown will affect us, sooner or later.

Giving the government absolute power over your rights and freedoms is a stupid idea and you should not allow it to happen.

I go out once everyday for a walk just to prove to myself that I am not a complacent bitch who would sit at home and not do anything. Of course, I socially distance myself and wash my hands, I don't want to get the chinese virus. But I am not going to let the government dictate my freedom of movement.

You must exercise your liberty and freedom to move about on your own terms. If you are a young man below 50, you have nothing to be afraid of.

Get the fuck out. Tell people the truth. There has to be an uprising. If the government does not hear direct feedback from the people, it will think it can enforce the lockdown endlessly and people will mindlessly comply.

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery"
_Thomas Jefferson

So ask. How much more? 1 month? 2 months? 6 months? How far does this go and how much are you willing to take? And if you can't take it anymore, why are you silent?

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