Pain. What does this word communicate to you? How does "pain" make you feel?

We have been conditioned to dislike pain. We evolved to dislike pain. If you're in pain, or you're physically hurt, you are a liability to the tribe. Not good.

But what if I told you, pain can be used in a constructive manner?
What if I told you that pain is an important feeling, and that you should not hide from it. In fact, pain is something that you must seek out on purpose.

Now, before you think I am a lunatic who seeks out pain, let me explain.

What is pain?

By pain, I mean mental pain, not the physical one.

Mental pain, the reason for suffering. The reason why you cry, the reason why you're sad, or upset about things. That's pain. Pain causes a lot of suffering.

Pain usually stems from something we cannot change. Something happened that you did not want to happen. Something is happening that you do not want to be happening.

Now, I'm sure there are other philosophical definitions and conceptualizations of pain. But that's not the point of this post. The point of the post is using pain to create something.


Pain as energy

I like to see pain as energy. Think of it like potential energy. It can be used to destroy or create. It can be used to make things fall, or to propel things upward. It is up to you how you use this energy.

As we discussed, the creation of pain, the creation of this energy was not in your control, which is why it exists in the first place. But, the usage and the channeling of this energy is in your control.

How do you channel it? Do you channel it destructively or constructively? What percentage of your channeling is creation, and what percentage is destruction?

Whenever you see pain, whenever "shit happens", you need to be conscious of the fact that you are in pain, that you are experiencing it. And you need to be conscious of your reaction to it.

How have you been reacting to emotional pain historically?

Do you sit around, cry, do nothing, constantly think about it and worsen the feeling? For how long do you do this?

Or do you channel it and create something out of it? Do you build something?

Although this applies to both genders, I am talking to the men here. What do you do with your pain?

Male agression should be thought of in a positive light. It is the agression of men that has brought society to where it is. The agression that was used constructively.

Do not confuse agression with violence. Violence is a destructive manifestation of agression. Agression, in and of itself, is good.

Ask yourself, what do you do with your pain? That tremendous ball of energy, what do you do with it?

Learn to use it to your advantage, it is the only way to make things better. Seize back control.

Photo by David von Diemar / Unsplash

I would like to add one of my favorite quotes from a TV series called Mr. Robot:

"See, this shit you went through? Most people don't know pain like that. They never will. And if they did, it would end them. But the people who dig in, the ones who keep surviving, those are the ones you can't beat. Those are the ones no one can beat. Because once you've weathered a storm like yours... you become the storm. You hear me? You are the  storm. And it's the rest of the world that needs to run for cover."  _Fernando Vera

As dramatic as it may sound, it has elements of truth to it. Read it again.

Final takeaway

Those were my ramblings about pain. I hope you took some important pointers from it. But to sum it up...

Pain can be channeled into something great. Pain can be used. It is good if something bad happens to you. The badder the better.

You can either sit around being "depressed", or you can use your pain to create beauty. Channel it. Think of the pain in your head as a glowing red orb of fire. Start working.

Pick up weights. Fight. Build websites. Build a machine learning model. Learn something new. Build a business.

There are so many possibilities. Do not let your pain go waste.

Use your pain to create beauty. Seize back control.

I know, this one was more philosophical than practical. But you can use the mental model of channeling pain for your own good.

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