No, this one is not about social media.

I want to talk about the importance of not doing some things. Modern internet hustle culture has us believe that we have to DO.

Do more. Learn more. Workout more. Read more. Write more. Sleep more.

Hardly anyone is talking about doing less. And this - doing less - is key to betterment. Let me explain.

Everyone and everything tells you to do more

Pick a random self-improvement book. Skim through the content. It will tell you a number of different ways to do things.

"5 ways to be a better manager"
"7 habits of highly effective people"
"12 rules for life"

Nothing wrong with these books. But today, there is an over emphasis on doing more things and very little emphasis on not doing some things.

I believe the best way to start a new habit is to cut a bad habit first.

Want to eat healthier? Try to stop your craving for junk first.
Want to run in the morning? Try to stop sleeping past your alarm.
Want to read more? Try to stop watching TV series.

Get it?

I'm going to list a few things which you need to unfollow to give you a better idea of how to implement the unfollow rule.

Unfollow habits

Stopping things is important because it helps you focus on what to do.

If watching an episode of Brooklyn99 is embedded in your daily routine, you won't be able to read 10 pages every day. Because you "can't find time" for it.

Before you set out to do something, think what should you eliminate first in order to make space for the habit you want to develop.

"I want to eat healthy"
Eliminate all junk from your fridge. Throw it away and don't buy it when you go grocery shopping. This way, you rig your environment in your favor.

"I want to go for a run in the morning"
Eliminate the scrolling Instagram till midnight and sleep early. Uninstall. Rig your environment in your favor.

Unfollow certain habits before you follow new ones.

Run in the sun
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Unfollow media: social and others

The unfollow maxim applies to your online behavior as well.

What do you watch on YouTube? Does it contribute to your overall well-being or does it make you a miserable fuck? Do you watch creators like Jake Paul doing dumb dopamine-inducing shit? Do you watch dumb generic "relatable" content of MostlyLame?

Or do you watch something you are really interested in? Something that actually helps make you happy, or stimulate you intellectually?

News is another example. There is literally no reason to be following news outlets on social media or on TV. It's just fake news and jibberish curated to elicit an emotional response it you. News is not news anymore. It does not contribute to your well-being. Eliminate it.

I have spoken before about unfollowing a bunch of dumb accounts on Instagram and other social media before.

Modern songs are another example that deserve a blogpost of their own. Don't listen to modern songs. Go old, go classical, go spiritual, not modern.

“Until we have begun to go without them, we fail to realize how unnecessary many things are. We've been using them not because we needed them but because we had them.” _Marcus Aurelius

Unfollow friends

I wrote an entire blog about why eliminating 99% of your friends is important and will help you grow.

If you haven't read that, click here.

Cutting your friends off helps you focus and prioritize yourself, as most 20 year olds are dumb, you are better off being alone and working or yourself.

Once you get better, good people will come to you, and these people won't be dumb losers like your current friends.

Photo by Noah Silliman / Unsplash

Our minds are cluttered with a barrage of useless information daily. Do you remember what you read on the news site yesterday? or anything actionable from that video you thought was relatable and funny? No.

There is too much to do in the modern world. That is why movements like minimalism, NoFap, etc. are trending. Because we seek less, and unfortunately we have more.

To end with, I willl re-emphasize that removing things from life is as important as adding new things.

Which means it is simple to become a better person. You just have to identify your detrimental habits and stop them. It's simple because you simply have to not do things. Try it.

Improvement is more about removing the old, than adding the new.

If you liked reading this, do try to eliminate one bad habit this week. Let me know how it goes.

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