Most people use social media as an escape from their monotonous and boring lives. Looking at other people "live the life" has now become a replacement for actually living the life.

The fact that your life sucks is one thing. The fact that you use Instagram to escape it makes your problem even worse.

The side effects of this ignorance show when you get to sleep. Finally there is no noise. It's quiet. It is you with you.

It is only now that your brain gets time to think, because the whole day you distracted yourself from the quietness with Instagram.

I've known many people who keep scrolling their Instagram feeds at night to ignore even that nightly block of quietness. Why? Because they do not want to confront their problems. They are better off ignoring them.

But, ignoring your problems does not make them go away. It just makes them worse.

Heck, there are even memes that help you justify your miserable life situation. I posted about this on my LinkedIn a while back.

We are a perpetually distracted generation. Nobody is telling us this, so I will. You need to face your problems head on. You need to stop distracting yourself with social media and other forms of hedonistic pleasure-seeking.

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In today's day and age, it has become easy to escape life.

Back in the old days, you didn't have unfunny memes and a meaningless social media feed to escape into. You had to face your problems. You had to sleep in the bed you made.

Modernity makes it much easier for us to escape our problems, and not solve them. You need to undo this. There is no other way around if you want to live an above-average and non-miserable life.

You need to face the reptilian monster that lurks in the unknown.

Ignoring your problems makes them bigger and bigger, until you are forced to notice them. By that time, your problems are too big to even comprehend. You're a mess. By that time, your problems will be so big, you won't be laughing at them.

Thus, whenever you see a hint of problematic behavior in you, you need to kill it when it is small. If you let the problem grow in size, soon it may consume you.

Do not ignore a problem to feel good about yourself. Self-love does not imply ignoring your faults to love yourself meaninglessly. Self-love implies a radical-candor type love where you focus on becoming a better version of yourself and take responsibility for your life.

Here are a few steps that would help you recognize and solve your problems.

Step 1: Notice problematic behaviors

The best way to notice these behaviors is to stop distracting yourself with social media, or anything else. Stop using short term dopamine hits to run away from your life's issues.

Turn it off. Sit down. Try to identify what behaviors are holding you back. This is the first step. Because most people are so distracted, they don't even know that they have problems that need to be dealt with. Identify.

Step 2: Strategize

Next, write down a game plan as to how you will deal with the problems you just identified. Go one at a time. Go slow. Go however you want. But go. Don't stay stuck in the same situation.

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The first step might be to change your mindset. Change the way you look at things.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.” _Unknown

I have written about goal-setting and mindset in previous blogposts. Check them out.

Once you have the mindset and self-belief down, you need to create a step-by-step plan to kill the dragon. That is, a step-by-step, practical and doable plan to solve your problems.

Step 3: Execute relentlessly

A plan is worthless without execution. You've done the preparation. Do not skip out on the execution part. Most people falter here, because this is the hardest of them all.

You can strategize all day long, it's easy. Get on the ground. Start. It might be difficult, but it is necessary. Do it for you. Not for mom, or dad, or professor Tom. Execute on solving your issues for yourself.


You don't need me to tell you what the solutions to your problems are going to be. Your subconscious already knows. Listen to the part that you were ignoring so far. Your problems are unique, the solution is within you. All you have to do is look for it.

You know yourself best. If you spend a little bit of time actually introspecting, you will know how you're supposed to help you. I have personally found myself to be my best guide when it comes to facing personal problems.

No blog, video, post, book, or podcast will help you as much as you can help yourself. The answer lies within.

It is easy to look outside for help. But I am of the opinion that you can help yourself best.

I'm not saying don't seek help, it is rare to have someone genuinely wanting to help you. But nobody likes to help someone who doesn't help themselves. So help yourself first, seek help later. Do the foundational work, because you know yourself best.

Start strategizing.

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That's it. Stop distracting yourself. Realize that you have problems. Realize that ignoring them does not help, it makes them worse. Identify them. Come up with a strategy. Execute relentlessly.

Or in other words, face the reptilian monster that lurks in the unknown.

Let me know.

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