“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” Michael Hopf

Walk outside and you see everyone wearing masks.

Men, women, children. All fancy wearing masks and being obedient citizens (read: slaves) of the government

I haven't worn a mask ever. Even at the height of the plandemic a few months ago. No mask.

I'm not irresponsible, I'm more responsible than everyone covering their faces. First of all, anything apart from an unused N95 mask is no good. And wearing a mask does more harm than good.

We've already seen cases of people dying from suffocation, and other mask related deaths.

Man Wearing N95 Mask Passes Out While Driving Car, Crashing into Pole
The driver passed out from a lack of oxygen, the Lincoln Park Police Department said
After Multiple Deaths, Officials Call for No Masks in Gym Class
Though it’s unclear whether masks played a part in three students dying while exercising at school, some education authorities aren’t taking any chances.

All this, plus you are literally keeping the bacteria that your body is expelling out near your face and breathing them back in. You do this for hours a day when you go out. It should be pretty obvious why this is detrimental.

Let me not get started about the stupid people that wear masks inside cars.

There are men who literally believe in scientific models, and actually think that a vaccine is the only way out.

The human body adapted over millions of years, fought animals, cold and hot weather, bugs, deadly insects, and lack of food. Only for you to believe in science and say, "I'm waiting for a vaccine"

Men have made themselves into slaves, if they can even be called men.

Slaves of science, slaves of the government, slaves of women, slaves of what people think, slaves of desire, slaves of porn and entertainment... I could go on and on.

medieval armor
Photo by Henry Hustava / Unsplash

The mask topic was just an impetus to write about the weakness of today's men. What utter degeneracy is all around.
Most of today's problems can be traced back to the weakness of men.

Your ancestors rode horses, wielded sword in one hand, shield in another, wore battle gear heavier than your gym weights, riding day and night, cold and hot, rain or not. They invaded lands, slayed other men, climbed tall fort walls no one could fathom climbing, fought with their heads cut off, died for the honor and freedom of their people... only for you to wear a mask.

Pathetic. "Men".

You have failed your bloodline and are incognizant of the struggles that your own blood has gone through. You are incognizant of the powers that your immune system possesses. You believe what the media and "science" feeds you. What a shame.

What does it say about today's men that are running afraid of a virus with 99.9% survival rate?

"Stay Home, Stay Safe". I literally see guys saying and posting this.

No man can stay indoors for long periods of time. It is impossible. Men were built to go out and conquer, to build. It is pathetic that most men would sit at home being afraid of a virus, whereas just 3 generations ago, their very blood faced a world much deadlier than one we are in right now.

The plandemic is a scam. It's August 2020, this should be more evident than ever. You have to be a special kind of retarded slave to still believe in masks and scientific doomsday models peddled by Big Pharma.

Wake up. Reclaim your manhood. Embrace being brave, brazen, and bold. Like you should be.

Don't fall for modern culture's lure of being weak and effeminate. Study and watch great men of the past. Try to emulate their philosophy through action.

Talk to more people about this, it is our duty to forge new, strong men.

And of course, tell your son this.

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