Focus is the most underrated skill in the 21st century, and no one talks about it.

We live in a world of distractions. They're everywhere, not just social media. TV, News, Instagram, Books, WhatsApp, Music, YouTube... you name it.

Almost every modern device is designed to be distractive. They all want your attention.

And with so many things wanting your attention, it is understandably hard to focus on one thing.

Discipline is secondary

Focus, mindset, environment trump discipline. I know I was big on discipline before. It is obviously important. But, you can't ignore mindset and environment. When you give yourself no option but to eat healthy (by not stocking your fridge with junk), your discipline does not matter a lot.

Your environment gives you only one option, and that is to be disciplined. Woke.

Discipline only takes you so far. You can actually run out of willpower. When every pixel is designed to make you scroll more, it is difficult to keep the phone away and work on a business. Your brain hates you for not giving it the dopamine that's easily accessible, you end up doing subpar work anyway.

The only way to win is to have unwavering focus, the only way to have that focus is to monitor what you consume. For me, it started off with uninstalling and monitoring social media use a few years earlier.

I've taken this one step ahead. I unsubscribed from all my YouTube subscriptions. They were above a 1000 channels, I've been using YouTube for quite a while.

Fitness, Philosophy, Music, Vlogs, Politics, Comedy, Psychology, AI, Coding, Rap, MMA, Business, Tech, Self Improvement... I had them all. It was crowded.

Unsubscribed from all. No shit.

This is how my channels page looks. Blank.

Now, I will resubscribe to a maximum of 50 super relevant channels that talk about primary and ancillary skills required to build a business.

Of course I may watch some quality entertainment a few times a week, but that's it. Nothing else. Singular focus on one thing. Hyper monitoring of all content I consume.

This may sound extreme to you, and I wasted the last 2 hours doing this. But, to be in the top 0.01%, you gotta do what the 99.99% finds "extreme".

I will look back on this blogpost 5 years later and thank myself for it. Might write a book sometime later: "How unsubscribing made me millions"  😂

What you consume today will determine the person you become 3 years later. Play long term games.

This was a quick update about something I did to control the content I consume, and thus my mindset and outlook towards life.

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