China most likely released their virus from a lab. China hid the infection numbers. China used their WHO influence to lie to the world about the virus. Trump seems mad at them. China is now messing around at the LAC.

It is understandable why #BoycottChina is trending on Twitter. It is understandable why people are uninstalling Chinese apps.

While the sentiment is understandable, the way we choose to deal with it is naive and wrong.

Trade Deficit

Indian teenagers uninstalling apps don't know about this concept as they're too busy scrolling Instagram.

("teenager" refers to mental age. There are 30 y/o teenagers.)

We have a $57 Billion trade deficit with China. Trade deficit is the (imports - exports) of a country.

Which means we import 57 billion dollars worth of extra goods from China than we export to them. Our industries depend on these goods.

The point is that if India and China stop trading then — on the face of it — China would lose only 3% of its exports and less than 1% of its imports, while India will lose 5% of its exports and 14% of its imports. [Source]

It's not as easy as deleting apps.

But, it's a start

Got this a lot. "We can start with uninstalling apps, then we'll see."

iPhone displaying the tik Tok app
Photo by Kon Karampelas / Unsplash

We, as a generation, are too addicted to instant gratification. Deleting apps only gives you a feeling of taking action, without actually doing anything of value.

Those apps have a billion users, they don't care about 10,000 Indian kids uninstalling their apps. Of course, if all billion users go away, they'll get hit. But they're not going away. Most people are still using Zoom for calls. Why is that?

This is an important question. Why aren't people really uninstalling Chinese apps?

Because there aren't any better alternatives.

We live in a free market society(mostly). The best rise to the top. The reason why Zoom, TikTok, CamScanner are so widely used are because they're so good and efficient. They help solve people's problems like no other app can.

The Atmanirbhar Dilemma

Extending on the previous point, why will people mass uninstall Chinese apps if we don't build better alternatives?

Why will a small factory buy local raw material when the cost of purchasing it from China saves him crores?

Why will I buy an Indian mobile phone when I like the iPhone's design a lot? Why will I buy an Indian smart phone if the OnePlus 8 is an all rounder like no other?

OnePlus 8 Pro sold out within minutes of going on sale
India is the second-largest smartphone market after China and clocked a shipment of 152.5 million smartphones in 2019.This comes even as there are calls for boycott of Chinese products amid Sino-India border tension

ModiJi comes on TV and asks people to buy local, go atmanirbhar.

But why? Just for national sentiment? That's not a good enough reason.

What is the government doing to incentivize better production locally? There is no conversation around this.

If we're given a choice between an Indian app and a Chinese app of similar quality, we'll definitely go for the Indian one.

But, we aren't even close to the Chinese when it comes to these things.

The world buys Chinese because they're either better or cheaper.

What should be done

What you should do is channel this anger into building something homegrown.

Build better apps, better companies, better services and products. People will buy local only when the local alternative is better than the others. Free market economics.

Photo by Aditya Siva / Unsplash

India is a country of inefficiencies. There's so much that sucks. Which means there's room for improvement in almost all areas of life. Why can't your app be one of them? Why does a chinese company understand consumer needs better than you do?

Why are you busy listening to your parents, playing status games like preparing for some degree? Why aren't you building things? (or helping others build things?)

Uninstalling a bunch of chinese apps is just a scapegoat for you to feel better about yourself. You aren't building or creating. You're deleting because it gives you a sense of national pride. Fine, uninstall. But follow that up with building better alternatives.

India is such a land of opportunity, it's crazy. You have a potential market of 1.38 BILLION people.

But you choose to do an MBA and work for a corporate giant from Australia. Or do an MS and settle for a coding job in silicon valley, building for others, making other nations great, contributing to their economies.

Why are you not building for India?

It is time for the young of this country to build for India. It is time for the government to incentivize local production and create a culture for the youth to take risks and build things.

There is only one long term and effective way to #BoycottChina.

We need to fucking build.

The Indian tricolour flag waving in the wind at the Wagah border near Amritsar in Punjab, India.
Jai Hind! Way to go.

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