Got you.

"What are your top 3 most favorite books?"
"What book do you recommend?

I get these questions a lot. And these questions make no sense. I will tell you why.

Asking for a plain "book recommendation" implies 3 things:

  1. You don't know yourself
  2. You don't take the time to research
  3. You don't really read books

You don't know yourself

People who are 22 and clueless about life usually ask this question. Because they think the only difference between them and me is some secret book I read.

You don't know what you like or dislike, because you have sleepwalked through life. You didn't choose to pursue any hobbies or interests, or anything interesting. Your life has revolved around living for other people and optimizing for a score on a bullshit college test.

This is why you are a boring person who is a part of the herd with no original choices of your own.

If this sounds like you, take the time to change yourself. It's not late. You can become a radically different person in a years time if you put effort.

Reading is not substitute for doing.

So don't ask me for book recommendations. Ask me what you can do to change your life. There lies the answer to your problems.

You don't take time to research

We live in 2020. Everything you want to know is a simple google search away. Yet, I get boring questions like "book recommendations?"

Let's assume you are not a boring dipshit. You have some things that interest you. Why don't you google it first?

I see this a lot with Indian kids. They're too used to being spoon-fed all their life, so they don't take efforts for themselves.

Act like grown-ups.

I'd be happy to answer questions like
"Any good book recommendations for evolutionary biology?"
"Which one do you think is better- X or Y?"

Questions like these show that you have put in effort, that you want to help yourself. I'd be happy to help in this case.

You don't really read books

This one is simple. People who read books regularly understand that "book recommendations" is a stupid question.

Because there are no plain book recommendations for all. I don't even know you, your life, your preferences, problems- how do I recommend a book?

Asking for "good book recommendations" is like walking into a restaurant and asking the waiter for "good food".

Captured on Portobello Road, London
So much to read! [Unsplash]

Okay Yash, but what should I read!?

I understand you might be confused about what you want to read. Or you just want to develop a new reading habit and are unsure what to start with.

Read what you love, read what is relevant to your current situations.

Life isn't plain, is it? Life comes in phases. Sometimes it's a bad phase, a spiritual phase, a heartbreak phase, a creative phase, a student phase... you get the point.

Read what is relevant. Read what will help you improve your current conditions. Read what will take you to the next level.

Asking someone for plain book recommendations is not going to solve your problems. Heck, reading isn't going to solve your problems either as long as you don't implement what you read.

There is no secret book that solves all your life's problems, remember this. Only taking action and working will, not reading.

Stop obsessing over books. The number of books you read doesn't mean anything. "Read a book a week" is a scam.

Read one book a year for all I care. But implement it. Someone who reads one good book and takes action on it's principles will see more success than a nerd who reads a book a week but does nothing.

Again, reading is not substitute for doing.

Until next time.

Although there is one thing that I recommend you read, that is my weekly newsletter. Better than a book.